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Desk or Vanity? Grab a desk at the library, you need a place to beautify! Desk skirts not only turn the cold dorm room desk into a beautiful vanity but also disguise the under-desk storage (think shoes!). 


Provide the custom size request and your skirt will be custom constructed accordingly.  Please feel welcome to call if you have any questions. 


PRO TIP: If you don't know your exact desk size, you can pick a standard piece of 24" deep x 48" wide wood at a hardware store, and place that over your desk of whatever size, providing even more space! General desk lengths are 29-30" long (better an inch too long than an inch too short!)   This will also allow you to use this for the next several years over any size desk! 


Standard on each desk skirt:

  • Slit in the middle front
  • Break on each side front corner,
  • Sides wrap all the way around the back for full coverage


Don't forget to consider a custom-cut vinyl, acrylic, or glass topper for easy cleaning!