The Desk Skirts is Designed as a Gathered or Flat Panel Skirt That Covers Your Desk.  Useful so that You Can Use Store Items Under Your Desk (think SHOES!) and Use Your Desk as Your Dressing Table. 


Hey, isn't that what the Library is for?.... a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do when it comes to shoe storage and putting your glam on!!


Provide us with the size dimension of your desk and we will construct accordingly.  If you don't know your desk size, you can pick a standard piece of 24" deep x 48" wide wood at a hardware store and we will construct based on that size.  The standard desk height is should be 29" - pro tip: better to be an inch too short than too long!   


There will be a slit in the middle front and at at each front corner, the back will wrap around 5-8" around on each side.  Let us know if you need a full finished back (extra cost) and we can do that also!