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COUTURE DESK SKIRT - Gently Gathered

Desk or Vanity? Grab a desk at the library, you need a place to beautify!


Desk skirts not only turn the cold dorm room desk into a beautiful vanity and also but also disguise the under-desk storage (think shoes!).


Provide the custom size request and your skirt will be custom constructed accordingly. Please feel welcome to call if you have any questions. Width 40"+ have a $20 upcharge.


Width 41"- 50" have a $20 upcharge

Width 51" - call for pricing


Standard on each desk skirt:

Slit in the middle front

Break on each side front corner,

Sides wrap all the way around the back for full coverage


Don't forget to consider a custom-cut vinyl, acrylic, or glass topper for easy cleaning!

COUTURE DESK SKIRT - Gently Gathered