Protect your desk skirt and cover with a quality crystal like acrylic. Fine acrylic is more durable, light wieght and practical than glass for door room living.  Available in 1/8" and  3/16" thick pieces and can be custom cut to your desk size.  We sell this topper with polished edges looks like a classic glass topper.


You also have the option of ordering the topper with a AR1 coating that is Abrasion resistent.  You can clean it just like glass and is resistent to chemicals and spills. 


**Note - this item is oversized and ships with a $10 upcharge in shipping due to size and since it is custom order, can not be returned


PRO TIP: If you want to ensure you can use your skirt and desk considered purchasing a standard 24" x 48" piece of plywood to place atop your desk and cover that each year. 


Either way, please provide the exact size - this is not a returnable item, so please place the correct size.