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Custom Length Bed Skirt    25" - 32" -  Gathered or Tailored

The #1 Selling Dorm Room Accessory! Providing easy access to under-bed storage + keeps your space looking tidy!


Dorm Room Bed Skirts are designed to work with multiple styles of bed types in college or boarding school dorms, Greek housing and apartment living.  We have many clients that even order for their residential homes!


Length options - easy, you let us know the exact length in inches


Style options are - gently gathered or tailored flat panel


Solid Color options - see the color chart for solids and since these are custom, let us know if you need a unique color. 


Couture Look Book prints are priced differently, to place a Couture RPrint order, go to the Look Book page and click to order bed skirts or any other custom fabric items. 


How Do They Work?

Easy!....the CUSTOM LENGTH panels are attached to a "Deck" which is a piece of fabric that sits under your mattress - the weight of your mattress holds them in place.  


OPTIONAL EXTRA TIES ARE AVAILABLE - If you want to make sure that your skirt is extra secure and won't move, you have the option of adding ties.  


BED SKIRTS WORK ON EITHER SIDE OF THE ROOM - If you are unsure of which side of the room you will be on, no worries!  The pieces are sold as separate components and will work regardless of the way your bed faces. 


Adjustable & Easy To Install!

Whether you order the exact length or you order a little longer just in case you want to have options, your bed skirt can be adjusted shorter very easily by pulling the deck further under the mattress and either securing it with the ties or letting the weight of the mattress hold it in place.  Either way, your bed skirt will be the perfect length on move-in day!


Additional ideas to customize your bed skirts include monograms or custom ribbon applique - to add these items, go to "SHOP IT ALL"  and select from the tiles. 


As a reminder to order a  print from the Couture Look Book, go to the tab COUTURE LOOK BOOK" and click through to order your items there.  Here is the link:


Any questions, please feel welcome to call 888.798.1923

Custom Length Bed Skirt 25" - 32" - Gathered or Tailored

  • Do You Want To Add Ribbon Detail Or A Monogram?

    This Can Be Added To Any Item Under The Ribbon & Monogram Tab


    If You Have Any Questions, Other Special Requests or Need A Longer Length? No Problem!  Just Give Us a Call - We Love To Talk to Our Clients!


    You can reach us at: 888.798.1923


    Dorm Room Beds Vary in Size and Width, So Three Sided and End of Bed Pieces All Come As Separate Pieces Unless Specifically Requested.



  • We are a cut-to-order business and prefer no returns.  This helps to keep our costs down. Thank you for respecting our business model. If you must return, please give us a call.  Each case will be given consideration - we want our clients to be happy with their purchase! 


    We try extremely hard to make our custom made products affordable--every "home-away-from-home" should be fabulous!