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Extendable Legs for Your Headboard


We Offer Leg Extensions to Accommodate the Dramatic High Lofted Dorm Room Bed

Many Dorm Room Beds Are Lofted from Mattress Spring to Floor 25-36" To Accommodate Under Bed Storage So We Offer Easy-To- Install Matching Wood Leg Extensions That Accommodate A 36" Lofted Dorm Room Bed


Adding the Leg Extensions: 

Using Maximum Height Setting + Leg Extensions Would Accommodate the Following XL, Full, Standard or XL Bed Dimension

  • 36" Floor to Bed Spring + 8" Mattress Height = 48" From Floor to Bottom of Headboard   
  • Add 23" For Height of Headboard
  • Overall Height to Top of Headboard 65" 



Extendable Legs for Your Headboard