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Special Order #2133 - Hecker

Style: Gathered, 2 splits equal distant (folded into the gathers, so hidden) This will allow the skirt to have easier movement when the trundle sides out. 

Length: 11" including Pompom detail

Width: 74" for long side

               36.5" short side (head and foot)

               Each piece is on a separate deck for an easier install 

Sides: Three Sided - 2 short and one long


Custom Specs: On each of the short sides, an 11" velcro section will be added to accommodate the  'bar'.  This will allow for slipping the bed skirt across the bar and attaching the skirt by velcro. On each side of the velcro, the skirts will be sewn to the deck.   


Production time: 10-14 days                   



3 sided 11" Bed Skirt - $76

Application of Pom Pom to sides - $35

Cost of PomPom - 6 yard at $4.99  - $29.94

Custom Velcro application - $27


SubTotal:    $157.94 

Shipping:      $12.40

    TOTAL:    $170.34



Special Order #2133 - Hecker