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Special Order #2208 - B.Johnson

Replicate Gibbons order and split bed skirts/desk skirts on one order and foot of bed post cover on order #2209



36" Long Bed Skirt

Color: White

Style: Flat-Tailored 

Price: $90

Deck with ties: $!5 ties are $15 ($ up charge w/o ties)

Deck with ties total: $105   Side only  (no end needed due to slip cover for end of bed) 


Desk Skirt                       

Color: White: 

Style: Flat-Tailored or Gathered

Dimension: 43" Wide x  24" Deep  x 30" Long 

Total: $180


      Product Total:     $285.00

Shipping Flat Fee:      $13.99


Special Order #2208 - B.Johnson